About Us

Experience the true passion and the ultimate resource to cheap and good wine with CNGwine 

CNGwine is a wine distribution outlet, located in Kowloon City, Hong Kong. We encourage both the uninitiated and the connoisseur to appreciate the vast collection of wines from around the world. Our mission is to provide a great variety of wines, as well as great services along with the facts and techniques of wine tasting and most of all introducing the high quality of average 80+ to 90+ rated wines to our members under the range of HK$200-$500/bottle.


Parallel to our mission, we hope to further develop more wine interests and appreciation to the general mass audience or just wine lovers in hopes to create a comfortable , down-to -earth platform where discovering and experiencing the world of wine is non-intimidating and fun. Focus is to provide members excellent value in everyday selections and to be there to assist in their purchase decisions & additional wine information while enhancing the pathway for all of us, the discovery of the art of wine.


Customer satisfaction and their value are essential to us.  Our goal is to hopefully assist each of them in their buying decisions, as well as providing education and information to enhance the wine experiences. By attaining this view, we ensure that our members are constantly on the appreciation of new and old world wines imported from Australia, Argentina, France, Spain, Chile, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Portugal and Germany.


CNGwine EXPRESS  will deliberately continue to bring the diverse and exciting wine experiences to all our members!




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